Back to Japan

I apologise not to update my blog while being in London last month.
For the matter that the USB modem I rented did not work for my old iBook,
I rarely accessed to the internet in London.

Been back to Fukuoka two weeks ago, I had to sort out lots of things around me.
Have to find a new job at first!!! Anyway, that's the excuse not to update the blog
until now.

In London, I'd spent the wonderful days. It was the first time to visit there since I left after the graduation of university in 2003. London was London for me.  The pubs, bars and shops I used to go during my school days were still remained in spite of the tough economic circumstances. I was just glad when I saw and went to those shops.

Anyway, I have taken about 1200 photos in London and just made two videos uploaded to YouTube already. So, later I will post these here.

Now, I really miss London.

Nobukazu Tanaka

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